We build for persons, then for parishes

We build for persons, then for parishes

When we started Growing the Faith, we found a curious paradox occurring in Catholic technology: the most popular apps are built for individual persons, but almost all directory, event and ministry management systems focus only on the parish staff. Granted, the parish staff work super hard (I know they do at my parish!), but a complete system should focus on every person in our parish family.  Focusing only on the staff puts information and connection out of reach for 99% percent of our community.

What's more, the systems that are out there for the parish staff are often a difficult mishmash of 90's technology stitched to the web. One of the reasons we started Growing the Faith is that we spoke to parish after parish and asked, "Hasn't someone already done this?  Isn't there a single, cohesive system built to connect everyone in the parish and keep things humming?"  The answer we kept hearing was: Not even close - the stuff out there stinks!


ParishSoft's 90's Style Interface...


So we built something better...


...vs OneParish's Web-Native Layout.


That's why we are building OneParish.  The Catholic Church deserves better.  Individual Catholics deserve better.  And it's not even a matter of technology - it's a question of standing up and saying as a Church, "Will we do the hard work to make engaging our Faith easy, or not?"


Yes.  We will.

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