Donation Instructions

Donating with OneParish's web portal is easy. Follow these brief, step-by-step instructions to make a donation to your parish or any parish in the US.

  1. Login at (if you do not have a OneParish account, press the Create An Account button to create a new account. You will automatically be logged in after creating an account.)
  2. In the menu bar, click on Donations and then New Gift.
  3. Choose your Recipient: Your home parish, a nearby parish, or one of the charities available.
  4. Choose the Donation Category, which will vary depending on what categories your parish has set up.
  5. Choose the Payment Account to use. You can also add a new credit card if you choose.
  6. Pick a Frequency for your gift: One Time, Weekly, or Monthly. If you choose weekly, your gift will be processed immediately and once each week. If you choose monthly, your gift will not be processed immediately, but will trigger on the next day that matches the chosen date.
  7. Finally, choose the Amount.
  8. Click Give Now.

The system will alert you when the donation has been processed!