Covenant is what God does, because family is what God is


A good journey should begin with a plan, an end in mind.  Ours comes from a friend of mine, who recently explained our faith to me in a beautiful way.  He said, "Covenant is what God does, because Family is what God is."

I had never head it put so simply, but so beautifully.  First, it is probably useful to explain what 'covenant' is.  Covenant is the giving of persons to one another in a permanent, fruitful, faithful way.  It's like a contract, but much, much richer.  A contract is the exchange of goods and services, but a covenant is a gift of persons to each other.  The easiest covenant for me to understand is marriage.  The Sacrament of Marriage is much, much more than a simple contract to love and honor - it is each spouse saying to the other, "I give you myself, completely and totally, for our entire lives."

So what does covenant have to do with God and with us?  If Dr. Scott Hahn is right, it has everything to do with us.  The Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - is a family unto itself.  Family isn't just something that God gives to us, it is exactly what God is.  The amazing news here is that God, through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus, creates a covenant with us.  God is inviting us into the divine family, making us sons and daughters in his family.  Salvation, the Good News of Christianity isn't just a message of, "Hooray, our sins our forgiven!"  Even as big as that is, it almost feels small and dull in comparison to the message of covenant.  God's covenantal message is, "I love you so much, I make you My sons and daughters."  Wow.

We are at the start of our journey here, but this message of family is where we find our beginnings.  Our mission is focused here: We believe that our relationships to one another and to Christ are the most beautiful and vital part of our lives.  We exist to elevate and apply this truth.  Like St. Paul, we begin our work with the words, "Brothers and Sisters" - we exist to serve our brothers and sisters in faith, and we are 'joyfully terrified' by the mission we have undertaken!

So here we go...

St. Catherine of Siena, Pray for us!

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